Meet Leann Lin


When I first entered real estate industry, I was not looking to make it a career, but rather, to help myself become a better investor I figured if I could access all the data that professionals saw and learn the tricks of the trade, I could find better properties and make better deals. But what I didn't expect was that, along the way, I discovered the joy of helping people find and sell homes and investment properties. For a client buying a home, it could mean achieving the American dream, and for a seller, opening up of new opportunities elsewhere. And I firmly believe that real estate paves the way to creating wealth. But that process can be intimidating and stressful. I see my job as not only to find the perfect properties and negotiate the best deals for my clients, but also to guide them through the transactions as stress-free as possible. My #7 priority will always be the quality of my service. I am fortunate to belong to a team that offers additional support and resources. It really helps knowing that when clients need additional services, such as handyman, staging, property management etc. that these are readily available to them.


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