Internet Confusion!

The Internet is confusing the modern-day buyer by providing enhanced pictures that make spaces look bigger and cleaner than they might be in reality, or perhaps, the pictures do the property an injustice and eliminate possible showings. By offering a massive volume of general property information that might be accurate, the Internet may also confuse the buyer consumer. While the intent was to make information more readily available to property consumers, the challenge is now sifting and sorting through too much information as properties look the same online

Lifestyle First!

A critical step in the property buying process is to recognize that, even though you might feel you are early in the process of purchasing, start by touring neighborhoods. It’s most important to think about how you will live your life once the property is purchased. Consider the proximity of the property to the conveniences that will offer you the quality of life you’re looking for.

Relative Decision!

It’s important to understand we all make decisions in a relative manner. We have alternatives and many of them when it comes to choosing the right property. Although the Internet allows for research to narrow down areas and styles of property, there is no substitute for gaining a sense of how the physical property makes you feel. Although you believe you know what you want, if you don’t visit your favorites for a true and thorough comparison, it will be very difficult to eliminate those properties that aren’t right. The key is to understand that decision-making is a process that requires the physical comparison of property features, so the most important aspects can be brought to the forefront through comparative elimination.

Touring On and Offline!

Ultimately, the most effective process involves the combined usage of both online and in-the-field touring. By visiting neighborhoods, touring open houses, and booking private viewings with your buyer agent, you can expedite the process of elimination and allow for an editing process that will help you sift through the details and help you stay focused on the most important aspects of all: the happiness you’ll feel by finding the property that best suits your needs.


We realize learning more about how to set up a proper touring process may require assistance, so please contact us to discuss the matter further.

Understanding how to tour properties and neighborhoods properly will set up course module #5, where you’ll learn how to prepare for the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the purchase of your property to attain the best deal possible.

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